Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming soon! Eastern European Amateur SLUTS!

When I was in Vegas in January, I met a guy from eastern Europe who does a lot of what I do here but over there.  We have been talking for a while, and he said he knows a lot of crazy bitches over there who will definitely fuck on camera.  So I am planning on taking a trip over there to see what it's like.  But he filmed a couple girls and sent me the video and it was exactly what I hope my trip will be like when I go there this summer.  He told me I can put the videos up on my website, so you guys will get to see them soon!
Sexy European girls do anal for a fraction of the cost as girls here do it for!
Brick Yates amateur sluts

Friday, April 4, 2014

Proof these amateurs are REAL

I know I haven't posted for a bit, but I will be posting a bunch this weekend! I have had two incidents recently with amateurs that have been on my website Brick Yates Amateurs .  The first was a Marine that was in two videos.  His command found out, and he got in a little trouble, so as a favor I temporarily took his videos off of the site until it blows over and I will be putting it back up.

The second was a cheerleader.  some of her highschool peers were assholes and started spreading it on social media, so I will be permanently taking her content down this weekend.

My amateurs are real, but I do have a conscience...
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Google glass for my sex adventures

Im sitting here at the bar thinking about the girls i have used my Google Glass with. When i get back to San Diego, i am going to really start using them more and get better candid footage of me meeting the models as well. Google Glass Porn is the future of candid and true POV amateur sex!!!

At the airport waiting to go back to san diego!

Sexy strippers, sluts, and bitches

I love nothing more than slutty girls in las vegas! Creeping on chicks with my google glass

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holly the fitness model fucks herself

Holly and her girlfriend Chloe were both tricked into stripping naked, but Holly was pretty into it and came back and did a solo in front of the camera for $200. Her sexy little asshole and ridiculously tight pussy was well worth every penny!