Friday, January 23, 2015

Creep shots at AVN 2015 sexy girls

Here are some random creeper pics of some sexy bitches at the AVN awards 2015. 

Hardcore Super Bowl Seahawks Sex

Hardcore Seahawks sex with a sexy seagal.  While I was in Las Vegas, I ran into Dick and he was with a sexy Seagal and Rawlings had his Kam Chancellor Seahawks jersey on too.  She is the ultimate MILF and wanted to take Rawlings upstairs to show her appreciation for his 12th man spirit by fucking his brains out and sucking the cum out of him and Dick.  The video will be bumped up to this Tuesday n light of the super bowl V. the New England Patriots.
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Photo Model Tries Porn

A sexy photo Model Tries porn. While I was in Prague, I met Gabrielle in the rain and asked her to take her picture. One thing lead to another and with the help of some cash, I got her to try porn.

Happy holidays, christmas porn

Hope everyone had a great holiday and bought their girl a huge diamond for xmas, I did... then shoved it in her asshole!
Sexy amateur in her Christmas uniform

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coming soon! Eastern European Amateur SLUTS!

When I was in Vegas in January, I met a guy from eastern Europe who does a lot of what I do here but over there.  We have been talking for a while, and he said he knows a lot of crazy bitches over there who will definitely fuck on camera.  So I am planning on taking a trip over there to see what it's like.  But he filmed a couple girls and sent me the video and it was exactly what I hope my trip will be like when I go there this summer.  He told me I can put the videos up on my website, so you guys will get to see them soon!
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